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How to Decide on the Design of Your Semi-Custom Home

Most semi-custom homes are pre-designed by a highly skilled and experienced team of architects. Upon selecting one of your choices, you can bring in your input of customized features that you would want incorporated. You get to have a consultative appointment to explain your vision to the architect who then notes everything down. The architect then retreats to incorporate all your desired features and comes up with a fully customized house style of your choice. Since there are many customized styles to choose from, familiarizing yourself with them can help you make an informed decision when choosing your style.

Contemporary House

This house style is the most advanced and modernized since it includes the latest innovative technological features. They are mainly characterized clearly defined lines and corners in the flat roof style. They are usually made of concrete and other environmentally conscious materials like carbon fiberboard. They have large glass windows and doors to invite a maximum amount of natural light. A common feature with contemporary customized homes is large glass windows that extend all the way to the ceiling.

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The windows are sometimes used as doors connecting the house to the lawn to the lush lawn. The interior is defined by an open floor style with advanced features like automated appliances.

Mediterranean House

This house style reigned in the ancient Mediterranean regions of France, Italy and Greece. They were made to match the warm and vibrant culture of the Mediterranean region. Beautiful front and backyards with concrete sidewalks that encourage you to spend more time in the outdoors soaking in the warm weather characterize them. They are usually single floor plans and they have stucco and tiled sidings finished with a traditional color scheme.

Modern Farmhouse

This is simply an upgrade of the traditional American farmhouse with more modern improvements. It comes with a low-pitched facade and metallic blue or red roof shingles. The side is finished with white wooden boards and black trim along windows and doors. Connecting the front porch and the lush lawn is a concrete sidewalk. It may sometimes include a rear porch that opens up to the view of the farm, where occupants can grasp some air while at the same time evading the intrusion of the oncoming guests

Craftsman House

The craftsman style is where the artistry abilities of the architect and contractor are fully put to the test. This is because the style includes hand-made fixtures and finishes to bring a classy and elegant look. The distinctive features of a craftsman house style include a heaped low-lying roof, lots of expertly joined and finished woodwork and overhanging front and rear porches that are supported by square beams.

Mid-Century House

Modern farmhouse is the perfect balance between the two worlds, contemporary and traditional. They may be just the ancient house styles but finished with modern fixtures such as sliding doors and wood finishes bringing out a classic look and feel. The style was most popular during the half of the 20th century, hence the name mid-century. Common features of this house style range from glass windows that connect the floor to the ceiling, a sunroom for maximum light and brightly colored bricks and sidings to maintain an elegant look and feel.

Colonial House

This is the largest house style in the market. It encompasses 2 to 3 stories to accommodate large colonial families. A central entry point and symmetrical windows with small panes characterize it, across all levels. While the exterior is not altered to maintain the colonial style, the interior is currently seeing some modern upgrading with features such as open kitchens, large windows for natural light and updated kitchen cabinets.

Multi-Generational Houses

These are large house styles constructed for the purpose of accommodating families that have different offspring living in one house. They come with separate entry and exit points to cater to the privacy of everyone living under the roof. In modern times, the house style is experiencing upgrades with privacy and customized accessibility options that allow individual coexistence in the house.

With so many styles to choose from, you may want to take into consideration different elements for you to make an informed choice for you and your loved one. The key two factors that advise your choice for a semi-custom house style are the lot size and budget size. Other factors such as your unique taste and preferences, topography, and climate also play a key role in choosing a style for your customized home. Working with an experienced contractor can help make this process easy and fast.