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House Designs: Your Dream Home Design

A home is for most people the most precious and important asset. It is your first line of defense against elements. When choosing your dream house, there is a myriad of options to go with. From colonial to mid-century to contemporary house styles, there is a something for everyone, depending on their unique tastes and preferences. This article unmasks some of the most common house styles so that you are more informed on what you decide to build.

Mediterranean Style

Just as the name suggests, this was borrowed from the ancient Mediterranean regions of France, Spain and Italy. Low hipped red painted roofs characterize these houses. The walls are usually finished in brick, stones and stucco to bring out the rustic earthy feeling of the warm environment of the regions. Beautiful flower gardens and concrete driveways create an extended living space for this house style.

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Contemporary Style

This is the most modern house style in the market as it incorporates minimalism, eco consciousness and open floor designs. Defined concrete lines and corners characterize this house style. A mix of concrete, glass and stainless steel is heavily relied on to build the contemporary house style. A common feature with this house design is the floor to roof window design to invite maximum amount of natural light into the house. The interior includes the most sophisticated finishes and eco-friendly features such as solar heating systems and carbon fiber sidings. This is the style to go with if you want a complete breakaway from the traditional way of life.

Victorian Style

Named after queen Victoria’s era that lasted between 19th and 20th century, this is your go to style if you are looking to blend romance and elegance. The style comes with very steep patterned shingles roof. Below, there is a dome shaped façade with an asymmetrical window design. It is mainly characterized by two stories and a dome shaped attic on the front gable.

Cottage Style

This house style dates back to the medieval English era. It comes with a multi gable steep roof layout with asymmetrical small window layout. They are usually very large and have two to three stories to accommodate the large medieval English families. In most cases, the siding is finished using stone, brick or stucco materials. Welcoming you on the front yard is a greenery of lush lawn and a grey curved concrete driveway.

Modern Farmhouse

This house style is a little improvement from the ancient American farmhouse design. It includes a low- pitched gable façade with metallic panel blue or red panels. The side is usually finished with black trim and white boards. A centered porch supported with wooden columns that are visually exposed from far characterize the front. A rear small porch where people can enjoy fresh air without much disturbance from the oncoming guests is also common with this style of house.

Craftsman House

Also known as the craftsman bungalow, this house style features a low hipped roof. The main distinctive feature of craftsman house style is the overhanging front and rear porches supported by square wooden columns. Are you wondering what the interior looks like? Look out for lots of woodwork as evident from the many cabinetry and shelves.

Colonial House Style

Standing between 2 to 3 stories, this is among the largest house floor styles available in the market. It features an entrance and porch at the center, while the garage sits on the either right or left corners on the front yard. It comes with domed small but symmetrical windows in all floors. Due to its large floor plan, it comes with several bedrooms and fireplaces, to accommodate large families. The style is slowly finding its way back to the contemporary life, with more modern interior finishing.

Mid-Century Modern Style

If you are looking to find a balance between the ancient feel with contemporary life, this is the style to go with. It features a flat roof and floor to roof large windows that sometimes act as doors. All you have to do is slide the glass doors and step into the lawn. The side is mostly finished with multi colored bricks to invite the ancient feeling. Together with the large windows, a sunroof invites lots of natural light into the house. They reigned in the mid-20th century and are still common in the present age.

Picking your dream house is now easy now that you are aware of the many options to go choose from. Putting factors like budget size, style and preference, location and size of the land into consideration, you can have an easier time settling on your dream house style.