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What Our Clients Are Saying

With over 40 years in the industry, we have worked on multiple customized projects for a few selected clients who keep recommending us. Here is what they are saying about Colorado Mountain Builders, LLC:

We didn’t know what to expect when hiring a builder to build our dream mountain home. Meeting with Dean and Kyle proved to us their knowledge and abilities. CO MTN Builders has the contractors and contacts to work through the process of completing a custom home. Dean told us the longest part of the process was the planning and permitting, and he wasn’t lying.
Once the groundbreaking finally started, the house took shape quickly and was completed within ten months. CO MTN Builders built us a quality home that we enjoy very much. Kyle was a great Project Manager and has an amazing career ahead of him. Both worked through issues quickly resolving them promptly, pushing through the building process. We would recommend CO MTN Builders for your home.

Eddie and Allison G. 

Woodland Park, Colorado
White Spruce Semi Custom Home

It has been a pleasure working with Dean and Kyle. Our dream mountain home came out under budget and on time. They work with top quality vendors and have top quality workmanship. They were with us every step of the way through the building process and made sure everything ran smoothly. We appreciate their patience and have been there for us in the process of building our dream mountain home. We love our home and look forward to enjoying it and in the future make it our retirement home!!! Thanks Dean and Kyle!

Mark & Lucy W. 

Woodland Park, Colorado
Douglas Custom Home

Dear Colorado Mountain Builders & Team;

We enjoyed working with Colorado Mountain Builders LLC & its team.  Dean worked very closely with us and his team to complete our dream home in the mountains for our family to enjoy for years to come.  They worked closely with us to make sure we didn’t miss any changes made throughout the process and were open to other ideas we had along the way.  They have built our mountain dream home and we would work with them again in the future

Thanks again to Dean, Kyle, & your team.

Douglas & Valerie M,

Florissant, Colorado

It was a pleasure working with Dean and Kyle of Colorado Mountain Builders LLC and we could not be happier with their work on our custom home!  This is our castle in the sky, the last place we’ll live– and the realization of this long journey was due to a great collaboration with Dean and Kyle– who enacted the vision of Woodland Park Architect David Langley who rendered our dream in AutoCAD. 

It was quite an experience, working with Kyle through the pandemic, with supply chain interruptions, and skyrocketing lumber prices– yet they navigated these stormy seas and built the house of our dreams.  Every detail was impeccably executed with quality materials and expert craftsmanship.  Our new house offers us living on one level as we age in while enjoying the amazing 360-degree views from the loft, and easy access to the outdoor hot tub from the master bedroom via the spiral staircase!  This house has space, light and functionality, it is our dream home. 

Buck & Karen H.,

Canon City, Colorado
Stampede Custom Home

We purchased our home from Colorado Mountain Builders over two years ago. During the house hunting process, it became clear that our home’s construction quality and attention to detail far surpassed that of other new and newer homes in the area.

Even after closing, Dean and Kyle have been more than responsive to our questions as new homeowners, and they have been supportive of us as people new to the community. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Colorado Mountain Builders Inc. and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a custom home builder in Colorado.

TJ & Lura T.,

Florissant, Colorado
Nevada Circle

Dean and Kyle Toth, of Colorado Mountain Builders did an excellent job of building our custom dream cabin.  They were extremely flexible when meeting our needs.  They gave us good advice and scheduled the crews and supplies during a very difficult time of Covid and inflation.  Thank you, Dean and Kyle.  You are greatly appreciated.

Lynn and Marlys F.,

Sedalia, Colorado
West Creek Cabin

We were referred to Dean after our current home builder filed for bankruptcy. Our
home had not been completed but Dean took on the project anyway. He fixed
several issues and brought our custom home to completion rapidly.

We were so fortunate to have found someone of his quality and character that brought our home to the level we had always imagined.

Dean & Diane N.,

Woodland Park, Colorado

Dean and Kyle Toth built us our Shangri-la in the mountains in exceptionally difficult circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic when challenges with supply-chain and workers were at their peak. In spite of this, they never compromised quality, craftsmanship, or materials. We picked Colorado Mountain Builders based on their outstanding reputation for integrity, workmanship, and professionalism, and were in no way disappointed.

Scott & Nancy S.,

Florissant, Colorado

I had the good fortune to have my custom cabin built by Kyle and Dean of Colorado Mountain Builders. They worked with me to turn my vision into a reality and build the cabin I had been dreaming of for years. Thanks to them and everyone that works with them.

Kerry H.

Florissant, Colorado
Bear Trap Cabin

We cannot say enough positive things to reflect the great service provided by Colorado Mountain Builders! Dean and Kyle took care of every detail when they built our home for us. As out of state residents during the build we had to trust the job to get done right. CMB ensured that every step of the build was communicated, approved, and simply done right. Trust us when we say you can’t go wrong with Dean and Kyle! They care and it shows!

Tim and Amanda H.,

Cripple Creek, Colorado
The Lookout

Building a house is difficult on so many levels. Choosing what you want in your home is only the beginning. These choices are compounded by contracting decisions and budgeting constraints.  Dean smoothed over all of these issues with a dedicated energy of a true professional I could trust through and through.  He provided excellent resources we would have never found on our own. 

We had so many questions and constantly changing opinions but Dean handled all of our needs with the patience of a saint.  In the building process, your contractor needs to be not only knowledgeable, capable, and honest but also should be an ally throughout the process. We are so glad that we were able to trust Dean and all of the subcontractors he hired to build our wonderful dream home!

Luke & Rachel L.,

Black Forest, Colorado
Tree Rock Custom Home

We wanted to say thank you for building us a wonderful Home. We really enjoyed working with you and Kyle and did appreciate all of you’re guidance in this new Endeavor. Each day we find something we love about this house. We look forward to many happy years here.

Please include us on you’re referral list so we can let any Future customers know how wonderful you and Kyle were to work with and what a quality home you build. Best wishes for continued success to you and you’re hard working son and partner along with all of you’re team that made our dream come true.

Anthony & Rampai T.,

Florissant, Colorado

After a few years, and various different GCs we never felt comfortable with moving forward with our build.  Dean & Kyle, made building our home so simple. We always felt that they had our best interest in mind and treated us like family. Our home was built timely and within budget, all due to their high attention to detail and a well-thought-out planning process.  We love our home and enjoy raising our family in such beautiful craftsmanship. We would always recommend talking with Colorado Mountain Builders.

Alanna & Brian C.,

Divide, Colorado

Working with Dean and Kyle Toth from Colorado Mountain Builders was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. I could not have asked for a team that showed more professionalism, attention to detail as well as personalized attention and communication, making me feel informed and comfortable throughout the entire process.

I found their work ethic and standards second to none and would highly recommend Colorado Mountain Builders to anyone. I could not be more pleased with my dream home, thank you Dean and Kyle.

Justin S.,

Divide, Colorado
Skyway Ranch

We bought our home last year and it had an unfinished basement. Dean and Kyle help us get a vision for what we could do with it. Throughout the process they continued to keep us updated on the process and timing of what was happening. They always had time to answer our questions. They went above and beyond when it came to making sure we were taken care of during the entire time. Don’t hesitate to get them started on your build!

Daryl and Vicky C.,

Florrisant, Colorado