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When is The Best Time to Build a Custom Home?

From modern designs and styles, tailor made features and sizes, custom homes offer homeowners an opportunity to make their dream home vision come to life.

These are made paying close attention to customer specifications, something that helps in realizing greater personalization and creativity.

Besides cost considerations, location, availability of materials, design and style, season is a major factor to the build of a custom home.

This article evaluates different aspects that advise the most appropriate time for a custom home build. 

Weather Conditions

Summers are the best time for home build since the weather is calm, warm and there is less disturbance to the workforce. Favorable weather conditions allow contractors to channel their full attention to precision and detail to achieve a quality home that suffice your home dream vision.

Custom Home Build Just For You

Snow and sometimes mild precipitation slows the build time since workforce has a hard time transporting materials to the site. Because of this, people have not been building their homes during winter. Even though there are many logistical challenges of scheduling a custom home build in winter, the cost may be a little lower since market demand is also lower compared to the summer. The best season to schedule your build is between spring and fall seasons. 

Market Demand

Due to the favorable weather of summer-spring seasons, most people usually build their homes during this time. Simply put, when it comes down to the weather, it is the best time for building a custom home. However, this will attract increased construction compared to lower demand seasons like winter. To enjoy reduced market cost of labor and materials, be sure to schedule your works on a low demand season. 

Builder Availability

Besides increased market prices of labor and materials, high demand seasons come with another major challenge, builder availability. This is a major issue when it comes to custom home construction. Imagine going through all the struggles of finding a great contractor and builder, only for you to be forced to postpone the start, just because the professionals are not available. This would not only derail your progress, but it would also cost you a great deal of financial losses from the expiry of permits and dumpster rentals. Be sure to schedule your construction during a low demand season to ensure the full availability of your preferred builder. 

Economic Considerations

Economic considerations make the top of list of aspects to factor in when constructing a custom home. Without adequate finances, you would not even think, let alone start the build. The best time to schedule your build is when you have adequate finances for the project. This is because stopping the process mid-project comes with its fair share of repercussions. When restarting, you will have to obtain new permits for the project. You may not complete the project with your preferred builder since they may not be available. This means embarking on a lengthy process of looking for another one. Materials such as framing and concrete may lose their standard when exposed to elements for longer periods. 

Personal Readiness 

Although not directly, building a custom home will affect not just your schedule, but also that of your loved ones. For instance, it is best to commence your build during school breaks so that you and your family can visit the site to inspect the progress anytime. At the same time, it is best to schedule the commencement of the build during your work off-days. This will leave you with a flexible schedule to allow you to monitor the progress. Moreover, ensure the build time does not coincide with other major events that could divert your attention from the project. 

Permitting and Regulations

Sometimes the process of obtaining permits can be daunting. From longer periods of wait-time to moving from one office to another, the process can take a couple of weeks and sometimes, even months. Be sure to apply for the permits during low season when the authorities are not so busy. Lastly, remember to apply for the permits long before your scheduled commencement date to avoid delay and mishaps.         

As you may have realized, we did not specify on the best time to commence your custom home build. What could be your best time could be a bad time for another person. By striking a balance between the above aspects, you can determine your best to build your dream home. Most importantly, be sure to hire a highly experienced builder to bring out your dream home vision to life.